VFD Dog Simulator

Noritake Itron GU-7000 series Arduino Library

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Arduino VFD Dog Simulator

I recently got my hands on a little 144 x 16 px Vacuum Flourescent Display (VFD).

Since I've got spare time over the holidays, I thought I'd make an Arduino library for it. One thing led to another, and I ended up making a pooping, barking "dog simulator" (starring my real life pooch "Sunny").

Noritake Itron provide their own library, but the sprite drawing routines are very basic. My library supports clipping and drawing sprites at any x,y position - even on the earlier "A" revision boards with firmware F100 that don't support their "dot unit" routines.

YouTube Video v2 - platform game

YouTube Video v1

Source code

The 8x8 pixel dog platform game (v2).

An Arduino library with the dog simulator as an example (v1).


The full datasheet for the GU144X16D-7053B.

Last Update: 21st January, 2023
Reason: Added support for other VFD models, and I2C support.