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3T-GTEU Engine

Thursday, 28-May 2015 @ 2:51 pm
3T-GTEU Engine


Thanks again to Mark, here's the 1982 Toyota 3T-GTEU Engine Repair Manual.

It's in Japanese, so for most of us, it's useful for the photos and diagrams.


If you really need to read some of the text, you can try doing what I did for the main section titles:

  1. Save the page you want to translate
  2. Crop the line of text / heading you want to translate (using a program like Photoshop, MS Paint, GIMP, etc)
  3. Save the cropped text as a BMP or JPG
  4. Upload the saved BMP or JPG to using the Japanese text line recognition section
  5. Double-check that it got the character correct, otherwise you may need to space them out, or upload them individually using the Japanese single character recognition section
  6. Copy and Paste the Japanese text into Google Translate

The uploaded pages are all in 100dpi, except for the Wiring Diagrams at the back, which are in 300dpi.

300dpi Scans

If you need a 300dpi version of any page to see the diagrams better or to make the OCR software work better, send me a message through the Contact Page and I'll email you what you need.

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