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Friday, 20-Nov 2015 @ 3:56 am
Rising Sun Datsun


Ash made these T-shirts a while ago, and we've been asked a few times about them.

So, rather than making a bunch of shirts and trying to sell them, we're offering the files as downloads that you can use somewhere like or

The file has white text, which looks best on a darker coloured shirt. You'll have to make sure you use a printing service that can print white ink.

Or you can always modify the design and do whatever you like. I've provided the original photoshop .PSD file.

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About RetroJDM

This all got started when I purchased a couple of JDM brochures for my RA28 Celica. I'm now completely obsessed with old Japanese cars. Basically, if it's Japanese and had chrome bumpers, I love it!

You may have noticed there's no longer an online store. I've made all the sticker source files available for download. Feel free to print your own, make T-Shirts or whatever :)

~ andrewzuku

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