Datsun Service Manual

A10 and A12

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Engine Electrical System

EE-01 - Engine Electrical System.jpg
EE-01 Large
EE-02 - Battery.jpg
EE-02 Large
EE-03 - Electrolyte Freezing.jpg
EE-03 Large
EE-04 - Starting Motor.jpg
EE-04 Large
EE-05 - Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection.jpg
EE-05 Large
EE-06 - Cleaning and Inspection.jpg
EE-06 Large
EE-07 - Assembly, Test.jpg
EE-07 Large
EE-08 - Test.jpg
EE-08 Large
EE-09 - Service Data and Specifications.jpg
EE-09 Large
EE-10 - Trouble Diagnoses and Corrections.jpg
EE-10 Large
EE-11 - Charging System.jpg
EE-11 Large
EE-12 - Alternator.jpg
EE-12 Large
EE-13 - Disassembly, Inspection and Repair.jpg
EE-13 Large
EE-14 - Inspection and Repair.jpg
EE-14 Large
EE-15 - Assembly.jpg
EE-15 Large
EE-16 - Regulator.jpg
EE-16 Large
EE-17 - Measurement of Regulator Voltage.jpg
EE-17 Large
EE-18 - Measurement of Regulator Voltage.jpg
EE-18 Large
EE-19 - Adjustment.jpg
EE-19 Large
EE-20 - Adjustment.jpg
EE-20 Large
EE-21 - Service Data and Specifications.jpg
EE-21 Large
EE-22 - Trouble Diagnoses and Corrections.jpg
EE-22 Large
EE-23 - Ignition System.jpg
EE-23 Large
EE-24 - Ignition Coil, Distributor.jpg
EE-24 Large
EE-25 - Checking and Adjustment.jpg
EE-25 Large
EE-26 - Advance Mechanisms.jpg
EE-26 Large
EE-27 - Spark Plug.jpg
EE-27 Large
EE-28 - Spark Plug.jpg
EE-28 Large
EE-29 - Service Data and Specifications.jpg
EE-29 Large
EE-30 - Trouble Diagnoses and Corrections.jpg
EE-30 Large
EE-31 - Trouble Diagnoses and Corrections.jpg
EE-31 Large
EE-32 - Engine Cooling System (F10 Series Only).jpg
EE-32 Large
EE-33 - Back Cover.jpg
EE-33 Large